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This is only gonna hurt A lot ♥

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Here's a little bit about myselff;

My names Sabrina. I'm 20 years old; My birthday is October 18th My two favorite bands in the whole wide world are Never Shout Never and Sleeping With Sirens ♥ I also love Mayday parade, Of mice and men, Pierce the veil, Falling in reverse, I see stars, Woe, is me, Bring me the horizon, and A SHIT tone more. I LOVE piercings and tattoos and I have a few myself and working on getting more :D The color purple, is my favorite color. I love meeting new people and hanging out with my best friend. I love animals. I work at an animal hospital and enjoying every second of it! I'm planning on going back to school to study to be a vet tech some day. I love watching tv when I wanna kick back and relax and when I do so I like watching family guy, that 70s show, and yes I still enjoy watching spongebob ! and I really started getting into the new show Catfish on mtv!? its good check it out if you haven't seen it yet! I recommend it yay well thats all I can think of to write about mah self :P Oh I just remembered, I can be very weird and crazy most of the time (: but eh idc it makes me who I am. yah I know, kinda cheesy but whattevaa I DO WHAT I WANT xD and if anyone i mean ANYONE wants to talk about something thats bugging them or anything advice, please DON'T be a stranger(: I'd like to help as much as possible ! I also tend to post rants that bug me or if I'm really upset about something, I'll write out how I'm feeling about something.. so um yeah sometimes I can be pretty opened .. but sometimes I can be pretty quite. please send me messagess!!! :D yup. bye

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Dec 29 '12
Jake and my dad looking ay my car :P #yesterday #Opes #boyfriend #dad #yup #love

Jake and my dad looking ay my car :P #yesterday #Opes #boyfriend #dad #yup #love

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